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6 Tips to Help You Finding a Job

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You might be either in a job and looking or currently unemployed and looking for a job. But at the moment in Australia, it never been easier finding a job that suits you, and that makes you want to get out of bed every morning.

finding a jobHere are 7 tips for Finding a Job that you really want.

1. Do anything

If your not currently working, get a job, any Job will do. It might not be the perfect job, but its employment. Even if its packing shelves at your local supermarket. Once you have a job its always easier to find the next job.

2. Under go some training

If you can’t find the job you want, or want to move into a new role, go and do some training. Up skilling is the surest way to finding a job that you want to do. If your looking to make a shift from being a nurse to working in the mines, go and get your heavy vehicle licence, and take a position as a dump truck operator at a mine site.

Or if your starting out in your career, or maybe looking for a convenient way to pay your way through Uni, go and get a forklift licence, from a training organisation like One Stop Training. There are plenty of businesses that are looking for forklift operators that offer shift work.

3. Social Media Can help

We don’t mean facebooking about finding a job, We mean get your LinkedIn profile up to date, with relevant work history and experience, and a decent professional photo. You don’t want to have your photo showing you down at your local pub, or at the beach. Remember its all about showing your potential employer your professionalism.

Just a point here, be careful with what you post to your Social Media accounts, Potential employers will look, the last thing they want to see is you bagging out a previous employer.

4. Get you CV into shape

Think about your CV or resume just like a business card, it needs to be sharp and to the point. Never make it more then 4 – 5 pages, and make sure it give you potential employer an idea of the type of employee you will be.

5. Networking

Finding a job can be done in lots of different ways, networking is a really effective way. Talk to people, tell them what your looking for, what type of work you will do. Friends and family are always a great source. Keep you LinkedIn profile up to date and connect with companies and people that are in the type of industry you want to work in,.

6. Add value to your employer

If you currently working in a position, and are wanting to take a promotion, make sure your adding value to your employer.  Weather it’s find a way to cut costs in your business, or trying a new way of processing your work that might make it faster, try it and tell your employer. Show them the value you can add to their business,

So that’s it 6 easy tips to help you finding a job that you really want. Just remember finding a job is about action, you need to find the opportunity you want, it seldom comes to you.

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