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Pay for Your Holiday by Casual Working Around Australia.

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Australia is a wide open country, with lots to see, from Rainforests  and reefs to snow fields.  Sometime working or having a job can be boring, we spend a lot of our time gazing out the windows thinking about those rainforests and snow fields.  Instead of staying in one location and working enough to save and go on a holiday why not consider casual working around Australia.

Casual work australia

Pay for You Holiday By Casual Working Around Australia

By taking your career on the road, it gives you an excellent chance to see more of Australia, meet a lot of new and interesting people, and you might just might the right job opportunity in somewhere you’ve never been before.

Once upon a time, these types of working holidays, where seen as something that backpackers did.  Come to Australia, and work around various places for small minimum wages, while living in a backpacker hostel, surviving on a steady stream of one minute noodles.

But now, it has become a very legitimate way to pursue legitimate career opportunities and see more of the country, by working around Australia, more and more older people are taking this path.

If you are a young foreign national wanting to come to Australia and travel around Australia, a Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 464) would be the best way to go.  Its for people aged between 18 to 30, and is good for 12 months.

If you are a little older and are wanting to work in your chosen career a 457 Work Visa would be a great choice.  You need to have sponsorship from a business.  You can find jobs with 457 Visas, by doing a JOB SEARCH, – just use the search term 457 Visa.

Ideas for Working Around Australia.

There are plenty of ways to work your way around Australia, you can always do it through hospitality work,  There are always jobs for wait staff, reservation managers, and various other hospitality positions.

You could start in Summer in the tropical north, and end up working in one of the ski fields in the south.

Following the Fruit Summer,

Due to Australia’s amazing weather, the agricultural industry is alive and well.  You can also seek work picking fruit. following the fruit seasons around Australia.  This can be a great choice, sometimes you can get subsidized accommodation or food.

Career Work,

You can also take a career positions, if you have a suitable background, for example as a registered Nurse, working as a travel nurse makes great sense,  Or if you a qualified engineering, working on large projects around the country can be rewarding.

There are many different ways to work and travel, you just need to find away of combining the two.  There is no better feeling the working around Australia and feeling like your always on a holiday.


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