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Teaching in the Remote Areas of Australia

| January 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

Remote Teaching AustraliaDid you become a teacher to inspire and awaken others to the world around you? Did you dream of changing lives and encouraging students to reach their full potential? Are you now tired of the day to day grind in which you find yourself? Are you tired of spending hours preparing lessons only to have students fall asleep or totally ignore you or the content of the lesson? Are you looking to reclaim the “zest” for teaching?

If so, perhaps you would be interested in Teaching work in Australia where you will find a challenging and rewarding teaching position in the remote areas of beautiful Australia.

What you Need for Remote Teaching In Australia

Passion for education, commitment to the task, and love for the student are a few of the qualities that every good teacher must posses. This is especially true of a teacher considering work with Teaching work Australia.

Discovering a child’s potential and then helping them develop and reach that potential brings great satisfaction both to the teacher and the student. There are 42 communities in western Australia where students are waiting for someone to come and help them discover their abilities.

Living and working in areas that are some times 100 kilometers or more from “civilization” brings unique challenges as well as unique rewards. The isolation and lack of everyday amenities can bring discomforts. Some days you might not have water. Other days you might not have electricity. The food will be different than you normally eat. The language will be strange to your ears. The customs will be strange and exotic at first. The sounds at night, the animals, and the weather will play on your senses. And, you might think, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Then, the first day arrives when your most “active and challenging” student sits still. He actually listens. He writes his name “perfectly”. He is able to do his math problems. He smiles and tells you he likes you and that he is so glad you have come. Parents invite you to their home and express there gratitude for the work you are doing with their children. You are honored at a community gathering and given the seat of honor and a made an honorary member of the community. You hearts is flying and you think that this is the best place on earth to be!

A teacher to the remote areas needs to be committed to the task, motivated and flexible. They cannot expect things to run on schedule nor to run smoothly at all times. Education in these areas require creativity and an adventurous spirit. You might be able to take advantage of the animal and plant life, cultural norms and values as ways to encourage and inspire learning. The smaller classroom situation is an advantage by providing more one-on-one quality time with each student. Also, because of the remote area, family and community relationships are stronger.

Think of this as also an education for yourself. Learning another language, experiencing another culture and its customs and traditions can be self-edifying and satisfying. The beauty and landscape of Australia holds innumerable opportunities for travel and enjoyment. This could be the “Adventure of a Lifetime”.

A typical teaching contract to such areas is for three years. There is an assistance program for relocation as well as financial assistance with housing. A laptop is provided free of charge to insure your ability to internet access and availability of educational materials.

There is also 4WD training! The salary is good with many extra benefits including 6-weeks of holiday leave, retention payment,3 weeks paid personal leave, and 4 business days leave a year to name a few.

Why not consider Teaching work Australia by taking a position as a teacher in one of the remote areas? It could be your “dream come true” and the opportunity of a life time. The financial rewards are good but more importantly the personal rewards are great.

There is no greater satisfaction for a teacher than to see the look on their student’s face as they learn to write, as words are formed, as words become sentences, and sentences become stories and stories become books. Consider coming to Australia. Many await your expertise in helping them discover their world as well as the world around them.

Looking for that opportunity check out Teach For Australia. or Apply for remote teaching with the public service in Western Australia.

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