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What is the legal age to Work in Australia ?

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When you are already in the workforce, there are plenty of career opportunities out there when you start looking. But what about when you are younger, and are want to have a little bit of independence from your parents, some of the questions you might ask your self are :

  • Is it OK to start work ?
  • What about the legal age to work in Australia ?
  • What type of jobs can I do ?

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What is the legal age to work in Australia ?

These are all questions that matter, and of course are things that you need to consider, if you are wanting to start working on your career when you are young.  Each state and territory have their own laws, when it comes to the legal age to work in Australia.

The minimum age you can start work applies to all workers, including anyone wanting to start and apprenticeship or a traineeship.

Australian Capital Territory

Currently there is no set age for starting work. Although if your under 15 there are time limits to the type of work you can do and how many hours you can work in the day or week.

New South Wales

Currently New South Wales has no age limit for when you can start work.

Northern Territory

Again, there is no set age limit for when you can start work, but there is time restrictions if you are under 15, you cannot work between 10pm and 6 am.


You need to be 15 or older to work in Queensland.  There are limitations if you are under 15 and are wanting to work.,

  • Working in a family business
  • Work in the entertainment industry
  • Some Supervised employment such as deliveries and charitable collections.

If you are aged between 13 and 15 you may also work with your parents permission, but they will need to sign a parents consent form

South Australia

Although South Australia has no set age limit for start work, there are limits to the type of work you can do , when performing in public selling things in public paces.,


15 years of age and older you can start work, between 13 and 15 you can work with your parents permission, but you must have a child employment permit.

If you’re under 15 year of age you may work in limited circumstances.

  • Being employed in a family business
  • Working in the entertainment industry

Western Australia

Being 15 years or older, you can start work, Under 15 you can only work some jobs with restricted hours

  • Working during School Times

You must be the minimum school leaving age if you wish to work during school times.

That’s it, state by state in Australia, the legal work age in Australia, its never to early to start your working career.


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