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The Fundamental Tips You Need For Working In Australia

| January 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

We get a lot of questions about working in Australia (no surprise really, we’re called Industry Work Australia).  the questions are usually along the lines of, “Hi, I want to work in Australia, in mining, I have no experience but I sold shoes previously”, or “Hi, I want to work in Australia, and are looking for work, I will do anything, can you help”.

working in Australia

Now putting aside that for a lot of Foreign Nationals, English isn’t their first language.  We can tell you right now, looking for and applying for work is the same no matter where you go.

What we’re saying is there are some very basic fundamentals of applying for jobs  for example, You are not going to get a job, on a mining site, driving a 100 tonne dump truck, if you’ve been selling shoes previously, and only have a car licence.

Just like you wouldn’t go to a interview for a Sales Area Manager role, dressed in your tracksuit pants, thongs, and singlet. And you don’t start applying for hundreds of jobs from Brain surgeon to Bartending thinking you MIGHT get something.

Fundamental Tips for Working In Australia

There are some very basic things you need to put thought into.

  • If you are wanting to relocate and work in Australia, and are currently a living overseas. Spend some time researching what type of Visa you might need. A lot of businesses that are looking for skilled labour, offer a 457 Sponsored work visa.
  • Think about what skills and experience you have now, that you can utilize in Australia. If you are a qualified nurse in your own country, Australia has plenty of opportunities for nurses over here. APPLY FOR  A NURSING JOB.  If you have been tending bar inyour own country, APPLY FOR A JOB IN HOSPITALITY.  Take what you know and use it over here.
  • Now if you are in the process of wanting to change your profession completely. for example  shoe seller to Mining dump truck operator.  let’s make this clear you won’t just walk into a job driving a 100T dump truck anywhere.  you might need to consider some further training.  Now as an example – Advanced Heavy Driver Training based in Central Queensland, offers various packages for people that  want to become professional drivers.  Talk directly to them find out how much their courses are, and what qualifications you will get.
  • At the moment the Global economy is in trouble, so its noble of people to say I will do anything, for work so I can earn money to feed my Family. Hate to tell you this, but ANYTHING, is a  very broad term, and one that will usually get you no where.  THINK about the skills and experience that you have, then think about what you will do.

If your truly in a desperate place, and need paying work, start applying at the lower level jobs.  ie. cleaning, laboring, fruit picking (which by the way is a great way to see Australia).  If things aren’t that bad, and you have the luxury of time when your looking for work, then think about what it is your really want to do, if your selling shoes, and want to work in the mines, well you might need that driver training course first.

  • Australia is a big country and has lots to offer in the way of environment to live in.  Spend some time thinking about the climate you want to live in, living in the north of Australia can be extremely humid, where Southern Australia can have extreme weather all in the same day. Is it city or remote outback, because you might find lots of opportunities for people that want to relocate out to a remote area to work.  Think it through.
  • Realize that finding the job you want is hard work. You don’t just send out a few emails and think that someone will give it to you.  You will need to apply for work yourself, and you might be applying for hundreds of jobs before you get the one you want.
  • Get your resume done. If your not someone that can sit down and draft yourself a professional spelling mistake free resume, pay someone to do it for you.

There they are 7 tips, that are the very basics of wanting to work in Australia.  Don’t kid yourself, yes there are plenty of opportunities but no one will just give them to you, you need to put the hard work in and make something happen for yourself.  A Good place to start is the job board.


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