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Remote Nursing Australia

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Nursing is a great career choice, and one that can give you a lot of different career paths to follow.  You can do pretty much anything, from travel nurse, to elderly care or even child care.  However Australia is a very big country with lots of remote communities that aren’t near the coastal big cities.  One area of nursing, that current has a lot of demand is remote nursing in Australia.

Basically remote area nurses have the opportunity to work in a variety of different settings across Australia and the more remote areas, such as remote Indigenous, mining, pastoral, industrial, fishing, tourism, railway, agricultural, Island, detention, refugee and international community development.

remote nursing Australia

Is remote nursing right for you

Remote Nursing Australia, isn’t for everyone.  As the next step in your career, its something that needs careful consideration before perusing.

Nurses working remotely, generally go about their jobs in small teams that experience personal and professional isolation.  While often caring for people with extreme health needs.  Remote area nurses get to provide care across all ages of people.  While in the context of their family and community environment.

This heath care spans acute, urgent, chronic, and preventive and public health programs.  As well as emergency care within a primary health care framework.

How to be successful in remote nursing

To be successful at remote nursing in Australia, there are certain traits you need.  Traits that you might not have or had a chance to develop working in the cities hospitals.  Generally its the professional agility and collaborative advanced practice which is required.  That is unique in remote nursing and what remote nurses describe as most rewarding aspect of remote nursing.

Do further training for nursing

There is further training you can attend to help you on your way, such as the courses offered by the Center for Remote Health which has been established by Flinders University and Charles Darwin University.

The CRH is one of a network of University Department of Rural Health program funded by the Commonwealth department of Health and Ageing.  Its goal is to improve the health Status of populations in rural and remote areas by appropriate development of the Health workforce.

One of the programs developed by the CRH is the Remote Health Practice Program (RHPP) which has been designed by remote practitioners for remote practitioners.    Its designed to to support remote Health practitioners transition into the discipline and specialty of remote, isolated and Indigenous health.  As well as those wanting to develop a career in remote health in Australia and the remote regions.

The program is very unique in that it brings together advanced practice and public health with the reality of remote health practice in a varied framework of Primary health care, cultural safety and Indigenous health which underpin the entire program.

There are plenty of programs that offer help and assistance in finding and developing your career in Remote Nursing Australia. As there are available jobs for remote nurses in Australia,  all you need to do is visit our Job Board and type in WHAT – Remote Nursing WHERE – AUSTRALIA.

Good luck in your search.

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