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What Makes Nursing in Australia An Excellent Career Choice

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There are plenty of career opportunities in Australia, but one of the most popular for people to purse would be Nursing.  Nursing in Australia  currently has about 8,000 Australian students graduating with a nursing qualification each year and with 3,095 foreign nurses being granted working visas in Australia, between 2011 and 2012.

nursing in Australia

Nursing in Australia can offer

Flexible hours

The majority of nursing positions are based around shift work. Whilst you might be required to work late shift or even night shift, sometimes up to 8 hours.  You can also have your rosters structured to give you long weekends, so days of 3 x 12 hours shift is 36 hours.

You can manage to take an extra day or two off of, giving you either a 3 or a 4 day weekend.

Transportable skills

Once you are qualified as a registered nurse, you can take your skill set on the road.  There are plenty of nurses that spend a few years of their career as travel nurses.  Then settle down in one spot.

Giving you a great opportunity to see Australia or even the wider world.

Different career paths

Once you get your initial qualifications, there is many different career paths that you can choose. Once you decide on a specialty, you can also find that this might boost your pay packet.  Having specialized skills is always worth more.

Helping people

Being a nurse is perhaps one of the more noble career choices.  You really are helping people, the feeling that you can achieve by helping to nurse someone back to health is amazing, and well worth the time spent studying.

Remote nursing in Australia

Moving into a major city and finding a nursing job is always an option.  Australia is a very big country that has lots of interesting nursing positions in remote locations.

The great thing about looking to nurse in remote locations, is that you can expect to be in a higher pay bracket and potential additional benefits, as well as get to practice with a wider range of skills.

Moving to Australia to nurse

If your currently thinking about either relocating you or your family to Australia, for nurses that already have nursing qualifications looking to enter into Australia under a 457 Visa, nursing in Australia  is one of two professions that have to be market tested.

You cannot work in Australia as a nurse without:

  • Registration with a State Nursing Board
  • An employer who will sponsor you for 4 years
  • A working visa

Permanent residence can be applied for after 2 years on a working visa.

It is possible to apply for permanent residence in the first instance.  You will still be required to attend a Competency Assessment program in Australia and you application will take from 12-18 months to be approved.

There are many things that make nursing in Australia an excellent career choice.  All you have to do is decide to start on the path, then follow through.

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